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How to Build a Website after Buying a Domain Name

So, you’re building a website? You have your domain name from Godaddy, Namechap, or Enom. You have your website idea. Now what?

After buying a domain name, your next step is to point the domain name to the hosting account or a server and create your website on that account.

Wondering how this is done? You’re in the right place!

In this article, I will give you step-by-step instructions to point your domain name to a server and create a website.

I’ll also give you a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at how I used the free WordPress Content Management System (CMS) to create the simple website you’re currently enjoying!

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How to Create a WordPress Website in China on Bluehost

Take your business to the next level with a Chinese-aimed website hosted by Bluehost China!

The popular web hosting platform Bluehost is taking American web hosting by storm, and its sister company, Bluehost China, is almost as popular across the Pacific.

If you want to create website through Bluehost China, you’ll need to know a few important things.

Even if you already know how to use, this tutorial can help you with details specific to Bluehost China!

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