[Resolved] We’re sorry This item can’t be shipped to your selected destination

If you are a regular user of AmazonGlobal you might have encountered below warning.

We’re sorry This item can’t be shipped to your selected destination” or “Some of the items in your order cannot be shipped to the selected address. Please select a new address to see your estimated order total”.

The warning will look similar to the screenshot below.

amazon item cant be shipped to your selected address

The reason for this warning is that some items will not be eligible for shipping to your preferred country due to some shipping restrictions.

The quick solution to this warning is to try to buy the same item from another seller.

If you are still getting the same warning even after changing seller at this point you should consider using reputable third party company such as Shipito to provide you with a FREE US shipping address.

You can use this address as a delivery address to check out on any US online store. I have personally used them in several occasions and I highly recommend them.

Shipito will provide you with the US Physical address which you can add in your Amazon account. The items you buy from Amazon or any other US stores can then be shipped to this address.

You can later opt to consolidate them into a single box for maximum saving.

Shipito will give you a unique US address like an example below from my account.

US address given by Shipito

Shipito will receive the items on your behalf in their warehouses. You can request to see the photos of the items, consolidate the items into a single box (for saving costs).

They ship to almost all destinations worldwide with discounted rates on all major couriers. Shipito offers free storage up to 90 days and free standard account setup. You just pay for the handling service and shipping.

After receiving the items you will be able to see them on your dashboard, like an example below from my account.

Shipito items photos


I hope my suggestions will help you to resolve this problem. Give Shipito a try.

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